Brightburn Full Movie: “Brightburn” Production The H Collective What if instead Brightburn of using his extraordinary power to protect humanity, Superman decides the opposite? That is the premise of the original Brightburn, an interesting project that seeks to turn the history of superheroes.

Brightburn arrives with a surname that gives confidence: Gunn. The brothers Brian and Mark are the writers of the script, while the best known, James (Guardians of the Galaxy) is the executive producer. It seems that the formula is winning and apparently in the trailers, the public is guaranteed.

The director is David Yarovesky, a comrade of the Gunn family, who even had his small role in Guardians of the Galaxy. He played Goth Ravager, one of the outlaws who works with Yondu Udonta.

Yarovesky directed The Hive in 2014, a low-budget zombie tape that combined elements from other works, such as Memento and Evil Dead. From that work comes the relationship with the producers and writers, since it was starred by Sean Gunn.

For his part, for James Gunn is a return to the horror genre after having directed the cult film Slither (The plague) in 2006.

“What would happen if a child from another world landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to humanity, it proves to be something much more sinister?” This is the premise of the tape according to the IMDB movie virtual file.

The first trailer was released by Sony on December 8, 2018 and showed us Elizabeth Banks (Tori Breyer), making Martha Kent, the mother who picks up a child from heaven. This time, however, it seems that fatherhood is not going to help humanity much:

What would happen if a child from another world landed on earth, but instead of becoming a hero to humanity, it proved to be something much more sinister?

With ‘Brightburn: Son of Darkness’, the visionary filmmaker of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Slither: The Plague’, James Gunn presents a surprising and subversive version of a new film genre: superhero horror.

James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) is the producer of The Son, the new horror film that premieres on May 24 with a very interesting prerogative: to turn around the classic concept of the myth of superheroes. What if a child of unknown origin arrives on earth and, although he wants to do good, is his most perverse side the one who takes control of his superpowers? Broadly speaking, that is the idea used by this film directed by David Yarovesky and starring Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games).

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Starting next week, we will select at random ten winners who will take two codes each, which can be used in the cinema of their choice to obtain the tickets. Good luck and be careful with this guy, it seems that he is not here to save the world! For our part, we will shortly present our critique of this interesting film that is giving so much to talk about.

Are you a fan of super heroes? Great, this movie … How? Do you also love terror? Then this is the perfect movie for you. Although maybe the super hero is not exactly that, a hero. Next, I’ll explain.

Brightburn is a movie that is based on the character of Superman, but with a completely different twist. We are all accustomed to seeing the muscular man, who inflates his chest with pride and says: “I am justice” but always humble. The last film of this superhero was “The Man of Steel” (2013), where we saw a baby who fell from the sky, was raised by a couple of farmers (the Kent) of good values ​​and instilled justice.

In this film the boy also came from the heavens, he crashed on the Breyer farm and they adopted him. They accept it with love, or at least Mrs. Breyer, decide to raise it and instill good values ​​to use their powers for the good of humanity. In his most recent trailer we see that the young man is a victim of bullying, and takes revenge by injuring one of his companions. At that moment an evil begins to grow within Brando Breyer.

The young man has powers very similar to Clak Kent: strength over human, flying and heat rays through his eyes. The difference is that Brandon Breyer uses it to possess the people of fear and gives him some pleasure when he makes people suffer. Apparently he is unstoppable.

The latest news about Brightburn is that it will be R Rating but not only because of the real horror it has transmitted in its trailers. The release of your classification is written as follows.

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